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McCallum Bagpipes AB8

McCallum AB8 (Celtic)
McCallum Thistle Design
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Made from top quality African blackwood, fully combed and beaded,chased sterling silver projecting mounts, chased sterling silver ferrules, slides and ringcaps with chased sterling silver mouthpiece. Choice of Celtic (shown here) or Thistle (shown below). These pipes come with a synthetic zipper bag, McCallum wooden pipe chanter, MG Drone reeds, cane pipe chanter reed and your own choice of cover and cords.

We are advised by McCallums that due to high fluctuations in the price of silver, this price CANNOT BE GUARANTEED. Should you wish to order these bagpipes, please email us first to confirm the price.

REMEMBER: With all bagpipe sets and packages, we only take a deposit of 40% on receipt of your order and do not charge the balance until the order is despatched.

Availability: Around 8 - 10 weeks
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