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McCallum Black Acetal Bagpipes set P2

McCallum P2 black acetal bagpipes
Price: 495.83 (595.00 for UK and EU orders)
Bag Colour:
Fringe colour:
Drone Cords Colour:
Drone Reeds:
Moisture Control System:

Chanter Sole:



Made from Black Acetyl fully combed & beaded. Supplied as standard with imitation Ivory projecting mounts, McCallum Alloy ferrules and ringcaps, plastic mouthpiece and McCallum Plastic Pipe Chanter . These pipes come with a synthetic bag, MG Drone reeds, cane pipe chanter reed and your own choice of cover and cords; not forgetting a 10 year no-quibble McCallum guarantee!

REMEMBER: With all bagpipe sets and packages, we only take a deposit of 30% on receipt of your order and do not charge the balance until the order is despatched.

Availability: Around 4 to 6 weeks

slide,mount & ferrule
mount & ferrule
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